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Sarah Freed Mending the Soul. A Journey Beyond Abuse

Sarah Freed has captured within her poetry the essence of a damaged soul on its journey to repair and transformation. The corrosive impact of abuse and the regeneration of the soul through the development of self-compassion and healing is depicted beautifully and simply. This is a book for anyone struggling to come to terms with their own abuse or for loved ones, friends or those working with survivors of abuse. It offers hope and a way forward for a more fulfilling, enriched life.

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Viola Rose Mirror of My Soul. Journey to Peace

Mirror of My Soul is a Southern woman’s journey to peace: one of faith and forgiveness. It’s a riveting story of a journey to overcome the challenges of obstacles, abuse, and deeply hidden family secrets. This book will bring you to tears at times and absolute joy at others. It is a must read for anyone but especially survivors of abuse who need a vivid reference of triumph over adversity. This book is dedicated to all who have suffered in silence. May that forever be changed as we start shouting from the rooftops to bring accountability to those who cause such pain, and more importantly, may the light of God’s precious grace shine through the hearts of each of us. May we be a beacon for him, first, foremost and always!To him, I give all the glory!

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J.A. Pitts Night Terrors

Magic has a cost. Sarah Beauhall, blacksmith and dragon slayer doesn't know just how high. Her lover, Katie Cornett, has finally been overwhelmed by this spiraling cost and her spirit is blasted from her body and flung into a world of nightmares and monsters.As Katie's coma deepens and her chances of survival fade, Sarah's spirit must make a journey of its own through a world of crystalline eaters and malevolent spirits who exist only to hunt and to consume.Night after night Sarah delves beyond the hidden paths, going from crystalline landscapes into the wild lands and lost worlds far beyond the great sea of dreams.When the spirit of a long dead murderer-known only as the Bowler Hat man-begins gathering an army in the forgotten lands, Sarah discovers that more than eaters and feeders pursue her.

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Hope-Anne Christie The Unintended Journey of a Soul. Stay True to Yourself and All Else Follows

The challenges in author Hope-Anne Christies life brought her to where she is today. If the events hadnt happened the way they did, she believes she wouldnt be as spiritually aware or conscious of her lifes purpose. In The Unintended Journey of a Soul, she shares her healing journey, a journey that took many twists and turns throughout her lifetime. In this memoir, Christie trudges through the debris of her childhood which was marked by illness and physical, psychological, and sexual abuse. Some of her experiences felt like her life was about to change for the better, only to have her world come crashing down again. The peaks and valleys were almost more than she could bear. The Unintended Journey of a Soul exposes these experiences, raw and uncompromised.Christie also tells how from a young age, she had an inner knowing that an energy force was always with her and how at age fifty she discovered she was a healer of many, finally realizing her calling and her purpose. She reflects on her experiences intent on helping others start their own healing process. The Unintended Journey of a Soul narrates a story about the long, arduous path that brought Christie from darkness into light and from the depths of despair to heights unimaginable.

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Mark Cisper The Journey of the Soul

The Journey of the Soul is the third volume of the poetic works of Mark Cisper. It begins where "Ashes from a Murdered Dream" left off and also contains a chronology at the end.

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Alec McGuire Luther

A dragon has an urgent question but scant hope of an answer. A chance meeting with a cat, called Luther, who just happens to be one of the world's greatest philosophers, leads to a journey in search of an answer. But Luther's journey soon turns in a radically different direction and he ends up travelling through heaven and hell, where he gains an understanding of how things really work, and what his task actually is.This is a book unlike any other, in an allegory of the human soul, abuse, sin, madness, hope and redemption.

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Jane N Dowling Child Arise.. The Courage to Stand: A Spiritual Handbook for Survivors of Sexual Abuse

This practical handbook invites the reader to embark on a journey of healing by taking a guided walk through the Scriptures where they will learn to listen to their personal story narrated by a loving God. As this transforming journey unfolds, the reader will be amazed as they discover the presence of an all-loving and compassionate God who walks with them and extends a healing hand to them, empowering them to work through the effects and issues of sexual abuse. It is a practical handbook that also offers insight to spiritual and pastoral care workers accompanying survivors of sexual abuse, family and friends and other supporters. • The author writes as a survivor of abuse speaking to other survivors of abuse (particularly sexual abuse). • It is a practical handbook that invites the reader to participate by walking their own spiritual journey. • It acknowledges the deep spiritual wounds of survivors of abuse by dealing with the big existential questions that arise.• It deals with the distorted image of God that victims often cannot escape. • Even those who read the book and have not have been abused can walk this spiritual journey. •. While focusing on the spiritual, it is also integrates the very real practical issues faced by survivors of abuse and those who support them. • It is written in a gentle and non-imposing manner. •. It is gently introduces the readers to a technique and step-by step-guide on how to encounter and listen to God through the Scriptures and how to exp...

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R. A. Edwards Jetsun Punks Unforeseen Journey to Shambhala

A book written from the heart by foolowing the soul jouney of the 4 main characters that child learn on their journey in life imaginative full of soul laughter and adventure

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Angelica Alton We Are Not Broken. A True Story of Abuse, Alcoholism and Anxiety

We Are Not Broken: A True Story of Abuse, Alcoholism and Anxiety is an inspirational and uplifting read of learning from life?s journey through the eyes of the author.

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Cy Grant Blackness and the Dreaming Soul

Blackness and the Dreaming Soul is an account of a long journey of self-discovery involving an ever deepening awareness of the causes of our current alienation from each other and the natural primordial world. It is an alchemical venture, exploring the darkness of the human psyche: being black and trapped in a white culture, as well as being white and caught in an ambush of denial. Written without bitterness and recrimination, Blackness & the Dreaming Soul is neither pure biography nor philosophical manifesto, but grows out of the author's childhood as the great grandson of a slave in British Guiana. The book chronicles his career during a long sojourn in Britain, as a World War II RAF officer (two years spent as a prisoner of war in Nazi Germany), qualifying as a barrister at law, to a career in show business spanning stage, film, radio and TV. In the late 50s, Cy's was the first black face to appear regularly on television, singing the news in calypso.Blackness & the Dreaming Soul transcends attempts at categorization. It is a reconstruction of the way we make our reality, a journey leading the author to a holistic outlook beyond the frustrations that have dogged his life, beyond anger, beyond division and polarity, to a vision of unity in diversity in which all things are connected; man and nature, earth and cosmos. In the 1970s, Cy Grant was chairman and co-founder of DRUM, the first black arts centre in Britain. In the 80s, he was Director of CONCORD mult...

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Maxine Wright-Walters Ph.D. The Alphabet Circle Journey. Living Your Best Life

Have you dreamed about living your best life? The Alphabet Circle Journey: Living Your Best Life brings together for the first time a parallel between the laws of chemistry and human relationships. The author provides the reader with a plausible theory and understanding of how and why relationships form and end. Using each letter of the alphabet, with nature as its backdrop, the author skillfully uses metaphors to intertwine human behavior with the philosophy of the universe to traverse the life journey along the Alphabet Circle. The Alphabet Circle is our life journey. The author theorizes that every life encounter happens somewhere on your Alphabet Circle and comes together based on soul chemistry. Upon meeting, the souls form soul-to-soul bonds, the connections for relationships to deliver an experience. Soul bond energy with coded information for your journey is released from these interactions. You must then connect at the soul level to understand these messages, which are the key for an exciting, enjoyable, and fulfilling journey for your best life. The Alphabet Circle concept offers that human beings have a dual existence. We have a physical body and a soul with complimentary interactions at the human and soul level. The physical level interaction happens in the head, which is where our ego operates. It is logical. On the other hand, the soul level connection is what we need to understand as we move to a level of consciousness where we let go of ego to bond at the soul...

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Sheena Perry Inevitable Deceptions. A H Journey To Nowhere

What happens when one family is plagued with physical, sexual and emotional abuse generation after generation? In this first installment, you will laugh, cry and grow angry as you become acquainted with the Monroe women. Will the cycle of abuse ever be broken?

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Jeremy Brown Formulas for the Soul

Formulas for the Soul will take you on a journey and leave you with some practical three-part formulas to remove distractions, increase focus, and live a much fuller life, with clarity. By the end of the journey, you will have the tools necessary to craft your very own formula that will not only greatly benefit you, but also future generations.

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Mark L. Prophet, Elizabeth Clare Prophet Understanding Yourself. A Spiritual Approach to Self-Discovery and Soul Awareness

Understanding Yourself reaches beyond the boundaries of the outer personality into the infinite world of the soul. This insightful work offers unique perspectives into how to master the components of being — the ego, karma, and the Self beyond the self. Most importantly, it helps us listen to the voice of the soul and bring its universal wisdom to play in our lives.

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Laurinda Andujar She Blinked. The Book of Me

This is a true story of childhood sexual abuse told by a survivor. A beautiful blend of storytelling and poetry, "She Blinked" will leave you speechless, inspired, and amazed. Follow Laurinda Andujar as she takes you on a journey through her life and reveals to you how to break free from the traumatizing effects of abuse and find inner healing.

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Jack Haas In, and Of. memoirs of a mystic journey

The autobiographical account of Haas' journeys from the claustrophobic city, to the primitive wilderness of coastal British Columbia, Alaska, and California, and into the uncharted regions of the soul. This is a true tale of adventure, misadventure, wonder, mysticism, and miracles. It is a journey into rare experiences, and it is a journey home.

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Gunta I Krumins The Detrimental Effects of Emotional Abuse. How Abuse and Elder Destroy Us All

Researcher, author stands up to Emotional Abuse Gunta Krumins presents the first comprehensive, non-clinical and educational guide exposing Emotional Abuse, a silent epidemic, as the foundation of all types of abuse that ascends simple yelling or verbal bullying and often culminates into Elder Abuse, another hidden issue. Explaining how to detect, expose and fight Emotional Abuse, the book ultimately creates a blueprint for stopping the cycle in our homes and communities.Intimately acquainted with the damaging costs of a manipulative relationship, and after years of reflection and a long-term behavioural study, Krumins presents the guide so readers can see beyond the veil of disguise and recognize the different levels and situations of Emotional Abuse. From a personal but professional point of view, she keeps an eye on the “big picture” as she revisits the subject of Emotional Abuse and Emotional Elder Abuse regarding issues of the true dangers of walking away from suspected situations of either, understanding how to identify situations involving either, intervention and the healing process for victims of abuse and what society can do together to help the victims and their families.The book is written for victims and families of victims of Emotional Abuse, such as Emotional Elder Abuse, who are seeking information on how to recognize and survive it, as well as for any professional who is trying to understand and manage these types of situations i.e. first responders (paramedi...

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Stephen Murgatroyd, Sarajane Aris BEYOND RESILIENCE FROM MASTERY TO MYSTERY A Workbook for Personal Mastery and Transformational Change

This book is both a workbook and a bridge for those curious to explore and get a flavour of what 'going beyond' resilience is all about. It offers a map to understand how the meaning we give to experiences and the choices we make on our journey in this life can ultimately lead to a path of resilience and beyond, or to ossification and long-term illness. The authors share personal and research-based jewels and tools, which create stepping stones to resilience and beyond.The book includes 9 areas for transformational change and a range of exercises to facilitate and enable the reader on their own personal journey of meaning and beyond. The final chapter introduces the reader to the idea of mystery, creating some glimpses of this, through felt experience.

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Andrew Lloyd Webber on End of Relationship with Sarah Brightman ...

7 мар. 2018 г. - In his new memoir, the famous composer hints about the alleged affair that ended his relationship with Sarah Brightman.

Original 'Phantom' soprano Sarah Brightman says Utah 'really is God's ...

7 нояб. 2018 г. - Sarah Brightman has never performed with The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square, but the world-famous soprano is open to the idea.

Sarah freed mending the soul a journey beyond abuse. Брайтман, Сара — Википедия

Са́ра Бра́йтман (англ. Sarah Brightman; 14 августа 1960, Бёркамстед, Хартфордшир, Англия) — британская певица (сопрано) и актриса, ...‎Биография · ‎Языки · ‎Дуэты · ‎ДискографияВидео3:00Sarah Brightman - Ave Maria [Live]Andrea Bocelli FanaticsYouTube - 4 янв. 2018 г.4:26Sarah Brightman - Hymn (Audio)SarahBrightmanVEVOYouTube - 19 окт. 2018 г.3:12Sarah Brightman EPKSarah BrightmanYouTube - 18 сент. 2018 г.(function(){google.sc=google.sc||{};google.sc.init=function(b,e,n,f,p,q){if((b=document.getElementById(b))&&(0!=b.offsetWidth||0!=b.offsetHeight)){var h=b.querySelector("div"),k=h.querySelector("div"),c=0,g=h.scrollWidth-h.offsetWidth;if(0

Sarah Brightman - The Masonic

Though it's been five years since Sarah Brightman has released a studio album — 2013's Classical chart- topper Dreamchaser — the world's best-selling ...9 мар. 2019 г.Sarah BrightmanSarah Brightman in concert HYMN - 04.11.2019 - Kauno Žalgirio ...https://www.bilietai.lt/.../sarah-brightman-in-concert-hymn-2...Сохраненная копияПеревести эту страницуSarah Brightman Kaune pristatys savo naują programą 2019 m. lapkričio 4 d. Kauno „Žalgirio” arenoje savo įspūdingą šou surengs viena populiariausių ...4 нояб. 2019 г.Sarah Brightman in concert HYMNHYMN: Sarah Brightman in Concert | Bon Secours Wellness Arenawww.bonsecoursarena.com/events/detail/sarah-brightmanСохраненная копияПеревести эту страницу#SarahBrightmanGVL. The world's most successful and best selling soprano Sarah Brightman announced her world tour, Hymn: Sarah Brightman In Concert, ...

Sarah Brightman - Listen on Deezer | Music Streaming

The eldest of six children, Sarah Brightman took dancing lessons from an early age and went on to win a place at a performing arts school. She studied dance ...

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g55 amg - Video - ViLOOK


Sarah Brightman (Сара Брайтман) | 29 октября 2019 20:00 | KASSIR ...

29 окт. 2019 г. - Компания Kassir.ru - крупнейший билетный оператор Восточной Европы. Купить билеты на Sarah Brightman (Сара Брайтман), ...17 апр. 2019 г.Bejart Ballet Lausanne ...Crocus City Hall (Крокус ...4 июн. 2019 г.Анна Нетребко, Андреа ...Государственный ...28 июн. 2019 г.Дикая МятаБунырево (Тульская ...HYMN: Sarah Brightman in Concert Tropicana Casino & Resort ...https://tropicana.net/events/sarah-brightman/Сохраненная копияПеревести эту страницуInternational singing superstar, Sarah Brightman is the world's biggest selling Soprano. She pioneered the classical crossover music movement and is famed for ...

Sarah Brightman | The Chicago Theatre | 2/14/19 - MSG.com

14 февр. 2019 г. - Get tickets to see Sarah Brightman at The Chicago Theatre in Chicago on February 14th, 2019.

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Sarah Brightman - MySlo.ru

Сара Брайтман возвращается в Москву с новым, необычным, техническим и видео шоу в «Крокус Сити Холле», на котором исполнит свои лучшие хиты ...

Review: Sarah Brightman fantastic on new classical crossover album ...

10 нояб. 2018 г. - On November 9, best-selling soprano and classical crossover artist, Sarah Brightman released her latest studio album, the highly-anticipated ...

Sarah Brightman | Переводы и тексты песен | Слушать альбомы ...

Переводы песен Sarah Brightman. Лучшие переводы на сайте lyrsense.com. Читайте переводы, слушайте любимые песни онлайн.

Sarah Brightman on Spotify

With a bright soprano that has traversed musical theater, operettas, world music, and adult contemporary pop, Sarah Brightman is a vocalist, songwriter, dancer, ...

Sarah Brightman - Fayetteville State University

Sarah Brightman. Associate Professor of Criminal Justice. Phone: 910-672-2196. Email: [email protected] Room: LTB 321L. Education. PhD, Western ...

Sarah Felipe (sfs4613) on Pinterest

See what Sarah Felipe (sfs4613) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. ... Mene, Toque, Geek Stuff, Couple Things, Funny Things, Crazy Things, Funny Comic Strips, Funny Memes, Funny Phrases. Cat Cookie Jar Cookie Jars Cat Cookies Kitchen Storage Jars Kitchen Jars Kitchen Pantry Bistro Kitchen Kitchen Staging Kitchen Decor.

Sarah Brightman discography - Wikipedia

This page includes the full discography of Sarah Brightman, including albums, singles, and theatre cast recordings.

Sarah Brightman - Viejas Arena | A.S. | SDSU

Sarah Brightman. Sarah Brightman Photo. Friday, March 1, 2019. TICKET PRICES* FIND TICKETS*. Doors Open: 7:00pm. Scheduled Start Time: 8:00pm.


19 нояб. 2018 г. - It was a joy to work with international star Sarah Brightman on a track for ... Sarah asked me to rework Pavane which I wrote in 2003 for the film ...

World's Best-Selling Soprano Sarah Brightman Joins Multi-Million ...

6 нояб. 2018 г. - The world's best-selling soprano, Sarah Brightman, has revealed her first new studio album in more than five years. Brightman, who has ...

Sarah Brightman | United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural ...

The internationally acclaimed singer Sarah Brightman was appointed UNESCO Artist for Peace in February 2012, in recognition of her commitment to ...

Sarah Brightman | Ticketpop

Sarah Brightman on Thursday, January 17, 2019 at Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

Sarah Brightman - Prague.eu

The most successful soprano in the world with unique voice breaking the boundaries between classical music, musical and pop. Sarah will perform the brand ...

Home - Sarah Brightman : Sarah Brightman

'Miracle' (Sarah's Version) Featuring YOSHIKIThe official video for the single 'Miracle' ... Sarah Brightman HYMN and Swarovski CollectionSarah talks about the ...

Sarah Brightman | Honda Center

The world's most successful and best-selling soprano Sarah Brightman will unveil her much anticipated world tour, Hymn: Sarah Brightman In Concert, which ...

Sarah Brightman - LETRAS.MUS.BR

Veja as letras de Sarah Brightman e ouça "Pie Jesu", "Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro)", "Amigos Para Siempre", "Hymn", "Fly To Paradise" e muito mais ...

Sarah Brightman - The Angel of Music | ВКонтакте

Группа посвящена замечательной певице с удивительно красивым голосом Саре Брайтман.

Sarah Brightman - Events - VisitTallinn

Sarah Brightman, the most powerful female soprano in the world, will bring her mystical show to Estonia Known for her three-octave range, Brightman will return.

Sarah Brightman: Hymn Airs on PBS | Playbill

6 дек. 2018 г. - Sarah Brightman, who created the role of Christine in the London and Broadway productions of The Phantom of the Opera, is featured in a new ...

Sarah Brightman Announces Uplifting New Album 'Hymn,' Tour Dates ...

17 сент. 2018 г. - Sarah Brightman has the spirit, or at least spirituality, on her new album, Hymn, which comes out Nov. 9 with a world tour lined up to support it.

Сара Брайтман - Peoples.ru

14 авг. 2018 г. - Певица Сара Брайтман никогда не привлекала внимание к своей персоне дешевыми скандалами и провокационными выходками.

Sarah Brightman записала Hymn - NEWSmuz.com

23 окт. 2018 г. - Британская певица одна из ведущих мировых исполнительниц в жанре классического кроссовера Сара Брайтман выпустила ...

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Sarah Brightman | Cifra Club

Sarah Brightman cifras, letras, tablaturas e videoaulas das músicas no Cifra Club.

Not My Job: Singer Sarah Brightman Gets Quizzed On A Different - NPR

10 нояб. 2018 г. - International singing star Sarah Brightman has performed in every major concert hall in the world, so we've invited her to play a game called ...

Exclusive: Sarah Brightman premieres new single 'Hymn'

19 окт. 2018 г. - After a five-year absence, Sarah Brightman, the world's best-selling soprano, returns with Hymn, the title track from her new album.

Sarah Brightman Hymn (Target Exclusive) : Target

Find product information, ratings and reviews for Sarah Brightman Hymn (Target Exclusive) online on Target.com.

Сара Брайтман (Sarah Brightman): фото, биография ... - Вокруг ТВ

8 августа 2008 года Сара Брайтман (Sarah Brightman) вместе с китайским поп-певцом Лиу Хуаном исполнила официальный гимн XXIX Летних ...

How space and world events inspired Sarah Brightman's album 'Hymn ...

In this instalment of Sidelines with Jon Erlichman, classical crossover singer Sarah Brightman discusses the ...Sarah Brightman | Home & Family | Hallmark Channelwww.hallmarkchannel.com/home-and.../sarah-brightmanСохраненная копияПеревести эту страницуWatch the US debut of "One Day Like This" by Sarah Brightman. Share. Ham and Bleu Cheese Stromboli - Home & Family. Ham and Bleu Cheese ...

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Sarah Brightman: музыка, видео, статистика и фотографии | Last.fm

Слушай музыку от Sarah Brightman, похожую на Colder Than Winter, Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partirò) и не только. Новые композиции, альбомы и ...

HYMN - Sarah Brightman in Concert in Movie Theaters | Fathom Events

Best-selling soprano Sarah Brightman is on the big screen with an incredible performance, HYMN: Sarah Brightman In Concert, captured live from ...

Sarah BRIGHTMAN - Сара Брайтман перестроит "Олимпийский ...

Сара Брайтман (Sarah Brightman), звезда мюзикла "Кошки" и "Призрак оперы" все-таки едет в Россию. Российская часть мирового турне певицы в ...

HYMN: Sarah Brightman in Concert | Sony Centre for the Performing Arts

Featured supporting acts: Vincent Niclo, Narcis Iustin Ianău The world's most successful and best selling soprano SARAH BRIGHTMAN will bring her HYMN: ...

Sarah Brightman - Главная | Facebook

Sarah Brightman. Отметки "Нравится": 1 186 109 · Обсуждают: 47 693. HYMN will be released Nov 9th Twitter: www.twitter.com/SarahBrightman Instagram:...

Sarah Brightman - Amigos Para Siempre Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Lyrics to 'Amigos Para Siempre' by Sarah Brightman. I don't have to say a word to you / You seem to know whatever mood / I'm going through / Feels as though,

HYMN – Sarah Brightman in Concert at an AMC Theatre near you

HYMN – Sarah Brightman in Concert showtimes at an AMC movie theater near you. Get movie times, watch trailers and buy tickets.

Sarah Brightman – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia

Sarah Brightman (ur. 14 sierpnia 1960 w Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire) – angielska sopranistka i aktorka. Zadebiutowała już jako dwunastolatka w sztuce teatralnej I ...

HYMN Sarah Brightman In Concert - Pittsburgh | Official Ticket Source ...

TICKET LIMIT: 8 per customer. Special Guest Performers include Vincent Niclo and Narcis Iustin Ianău. Sarah Brightman unveils new full-length album HYMN ...

Sarah Brightman - Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again ...

Lyrics to "Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again" song by Sarah Brightman: You were once my one companion You were all that mattered You were once a friend and father ...

Sarah Brightman - слушать музыку онлайн на ​Радио.Обозреватель

Слушайте онлайн лучшие песни Sarah Brightman. Биография и фото Sarah Brightman на онлайн радио Радио.Обозреватель.

Сара Брайтман/Sarah Brightman - БКЗ «Октябрьский

Одна из самых успешных сопрано-певиц нашего времени Сара Брайтман покажет в Санкт-Петербурге новую программу HYMN: Sarah Brightman In ...

SARAH BRIGHTMAN - Афиша - Ледовый Дворец

Матрёшка концертс» представляет: 28 ноября. ROYAL CHRISTMAS GALA. SARAH BRIGHTMAN, GREGORIAN. ЛЕДОВЫЙ ДВОРЕЦ. Сара Брайтман по ...

Sarah Brightman на Parter.ru

ООО «СТС ЭВЕНТИМ РУ» придаёт большое значение безопасности персональных данных. Вы можете ознакомиться с нашей политикой о защите ...

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Сара Брайтман – биография, фото, личная жизнь, новости, песни ...

Певица Сара Брайтман никогда не привлекала внимание к своей персоне дешевыми скандалами и провокационными выходками. Отсутствие рекламы ...‎Детство и юность · ‎Музыка · ‎Личная жизньSarah Brightman - YouTubehttps://www.youtube.com/.../UCriL6-sBup_Tis7trjOALnwСохраненная копияПеревести эту страницуSarah's new album, HYMN, is out now DeccaGold.lnk.to/SarahBrightmanHymn Her world tour, HYMN: Sarah Brightman In Concert will begin in November 2018.

Sarah Brightman - это... Что такое Sarah Brightman?

Сара Брайтман Sarah Brightman Дата рождения 14 августа 1960 (48 лет)(19600814) Место рождения Беркамстед.

The Met Philadelphia | Sarah Brightman

International singing superstar, Sarah Brightman is the world's biggest selling Soprano. She pioneered the classical crossover music movement and is famed for ...

Sarah Brightman Tickets - Sarah Brightman Tour Dates on StubHub!

Sarah Brightman tickets - Buy and Sell Sarah Brightman tickets and all other concert tickets on StubHub! Check out Sarah Brightman tour dates today!

Sarah freed mending the soul a journey beyond abuse. Home - Sarah Brightman : Sarah Brightman

'Miracle' (Sarah's Version) Featuring YOSHIKIThe official video for the single 'Miracle' ... Sarah Brightman HYMN and Swarovski CollectionSarah talks about the ...

Burton - FashionNetwork.com Россия

Burton - Сеть профессионалов моды, люкса и красоты.

Sarah Brightman at Comerica Theatre, Feb. 27, 2019 | Arizona PBS

Sarah Brightman stops by the Valley of the Sun as part of her five-continent tour — and we'll get to hear her newest songs live and in person.

Sarah Brightman - Samples, Covers and Remixes | WhoSampled

Sarah Brightman - Samples, Covers and Remixes on WhoSampled. Discover all Sarah Brightman's music connections, watch videos, listen to music, discuss ...


Max(8). MAPA. Día y hora. 24 Enero 2019 21:00. SARAH BRIGHTMAN HYMN. MSI. Presentaciones. 24 Enero 2019 21:00. SARAH BRIGHTMAN HYMN. MSI.

Sarah Brightman — слушать онлайн на Яндекс.Музыке

Sarah Brightman: Британская певица и актриса, исполнительница популярной музыки, а также одна из ведущих мировых исполнительниц в жанре ...

Sarah Brightman. 30 октября 2019 - Санкт-Петербург. Купить билет

Купить билеты на концерт Sarah Brightman 30 октября 2019 в Санкт-Петербурге по официальной цене на сайте организатора.

Sarah Brightman — Wikipédia

Sarah Brightman est une chanteuse, danseuse et actrice britannique, née le 14 août 1960 à Berkhampstead en Angleterre. Elle est la sœur ainée d'Amelia Brightman ...

Sarah Brightman - 02.11.2019 - Saku Suurhall - Piletilevi.ee

Sarah Brightman (02.11.2019 20:00): Saku Suurhall - 54.90 - 109.00 €. Обладательница самого мощного в мире женского сопрано Сара Брайтман приедет ...

Sarah Brightman Upcoming Shows — Live Nation

Find all tickets for all Sarah Brightman upcoming shows. Discover Sarah Brightman concert details and information. Explore Sarah Brightman photos, videos, ...

Сара Брайтман выпускает «Hymn» — песни, залечившие ее после ...

Сара Брайтман выпускает «Hymn» — песни, залечившие ее после отмены полета в космос. 07.11.2018. Два дня осталось до того, чего многие ждали ...

Sarah Brightman | Foxwoods Resort Casino

Global singing superstar, Sarah Brightman is the world's biggest selling Soprano. She pioneered the classical crossover music movement and is famed for ...

Sarah Brightman в Apple Music - iTunes

Sarah Brightman). Николай Басков 2018. Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro). Francesco Sartori - Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman. Time To Say Goodbye ...

Sarah Brightman (@sarahbrightmanmusic) • Фото и видео в Instagram

61.8 тыс. подписчиков, 28 подписок, 585 публикаций — посмотрите в Instagram фото и видео Sarah Brightman (@sarahbrightmanmusic)

STG Presents - HYMN Sarah Brightman in Concert

STG Presents & Live Nation Welcomes HYMN Sarah Brightman in Concert at The Paramount Theatre on Saturday, March 16, 2019. Official info here!

Альбом «Hymn» (Sarah Brightman) в Apple Music

9 нояб. 2018 г. - КОММЕНТАРИИ РЕДАКЦИИ. После «космических» экспериментов и долгого перерыва между релизами британская кроссовер-сопрано ...

Sarah Brightman's Hymn for the world | CBC Radio

6 нояб. 2018 г. - The world's best-selling soprano of all-time, Sarah Brightman, reflects on how music helped her feel whole again after her highly-publicized ...

Sarah Brightman Concert Setlists | setlist.fm

Get Sarah Brightman setlists - view them, share them, discuss them with other Sarah Brightman fans for free on setlist.fm!

Sarah Brightman Tickets | Sarah Brightman Concert Tickets & Tour ...

Buy Sarah Brightman tickets from the official Ticketmaster.com site. Find Sarah Brightman tour schedule, concert details, reviews and photos.

Sarah Brightman, 25.10 - 27.10, Киев, Одесса | Концерт.юа

Билеты на события Sarah Brightman (25.10 - 27.10), в Киев, Одесса.

Sarah Brightman - Wikipedia

Sarah Brightman (Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, 14 augustus 1960) is een Engelse zangeres, die vooral bekend is geworden in het genre van de musical, maar die ook opera ...

Sarah Brightman: Everything has been quite challenging – I just ...

26 нояб. 2018 г. - THREE years after pulling out of her planned trip to the International Space Station, Sarah Brightman still hopes to go into space one day.

Timeless (Sarah Brightman album) - Wikipedia

Timeless, known as Time to Say Goodbye in the USA and Canada, is the fifth album by classical crossover soprano Sarah Brightman & the London Symphony Orchestra.

Time To Say Goodbye Sarah Brightman 歌詞情報 - うたまっぷ 歌詞無料検索

Sarah Brightmanさんの『Time To Say Goodbye』歌詞です。 / 『うたまっぷ』-歌詞の無料検索表示サイトです。歌詞全文から一部の ...

Sarah Brightman (@SarahBrightman) | Twitter

The latest Tweets from Sarah Brightman (@SarahBrightman). HYMN is out now! https://t.co/xwVCqhU5ON. England.

Перевод песен Sarah Brightman, тексты песен. Лингво ...

Лингво-лаборатория Амальгама: перевод текста песни группы Sarah Brightman.

Sarah Brightman - Hymn - Amazon.com Music

Sarah Brightman returns with her new studio album, HYMN, reuniting with long time producer and collaborator Frank Peterson, with whom she created chart ...

Sarah Brightman - IMDb

Sarah Brightman, Soundtrack: Repo! The Genetic Opera. Sarah Brightman's soprano voice has sold millions of records and been heard in arenas, cathedrals, ...

Билеты на мероприятие Sarah Brightman в Москве 2018 - Ponominalu

Ждем Sarah Brightman в Москве в 2018 году. Узнай официальные цены и купи билеты на мероприятие Sarah Brightman в Москве первым!

Sarah Brightman - Wikiquote

Quotes[edit]. You do have to be fairly selfish when you have a gift. You cannot afford to let too many outside things get in the way. The Independent (1997).

Sarah Brightman: Like to work with songs full of hope and light

Sarah Brightman speaks with CNBC's Tania Bryer about her musical comeback.Sarah Brightman | TicketsWesthttps://www.ticketswest.com/events/.../sarah-brightman-ka03...Сохраненная копияПеревести эту страницуAs a special offer for fans attending Sarah Brightman's upcoming tour, a CD copy of her forthcoming album, Hymn, is included with every pair of tickets ...

Sarah Brightman coming to the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg

17 сент. 2018 г. - Sarah Brightman is used to playing arenas. Since 2000, her concerts in Tampa Bay have all taken place before thousands of fans at what is ...

Sarah Brightman - Running サラ・ブライトマン『ランニング(ジュピター~栄光の輝き)』

サラ・ブライトマン(Sarah Brightman)は、イギリスの歌手。13歳の時にピカデリーシアターの「I and Albert」で劇場デビュー。

Sarah Brightman: Hymn DVD | Shop.PBS.org

Sarah Brightman: Hymn DVD,Sarah Brightman returns with her new studio album, HYMN, reuniting with long time producer and collaborator Frank Peterson, ...

Sarah Brightman is unrecognisable as she unveils striking new look ...

29 окт. 2018 г. - Sarah Brightman, 58, was unrecognisable as she discussed her new album on This Morning on Monday morning, as she sported much lighter ...

Sarah Lerchl (@sarah_doji) - Ligaviewer лучший сервис для...

Следит. sarah_doji. 3 0. #omaistdiebeste #sonntagsessen #oma #bravesmädchen #sundays #familytime ...еще. 17.02.2019 10:42:23. sarah_doji. 17 0. #seehaus #baramseehaus #bedifferent #beyourself #friday #fridaymood #hochfiehändewochenende. ... Реклама. sarah_doji. 14 2. #gucci #🙈 ...еще. 14.02.2019 15:12:52. sarah_doji. 15 2. #tattoo ...еще. 11.02.2019 21:09:44. sarah_doji. 8 0. #tegernsee #behappy ...еще. 10.02.2019 14:37:49. sarah_doji. 13 1.

Брайтман, Сара — Википедия

Са́ра Бра́йтман (англ. Sarah Brightman; 14 августа 1960, Бёркамстед, Хартфордшир, Англия) — британская певица (сопрано) и актриса, ...‎Биография · ‎Языки · ‎Дуэты · ‎ДискографияВидео3:00Sarah Brightman - Ave Maria [Live]Andrea Bocelli FanaticsYouTube - 4 янв. 2018 г.4:26Sarah Brightman - Hymn (Audio)SarahBrightmanVEVOYouTube - 19 окт. 2018 г.3:12Sarah Brightman EPKSarah BrightmanYouTube - 18 сент. 2018 г.(function(){google.sc=google.sc||{};google.sc.init=function(b,e,n,f,p,q){if((b=document.getElementById(b))&&(0!=b.offsetWidth||0!=b.offsetHeight)){var h=b.querySelector("div"),k=h.querySelector("div"),c=0,g=h.scrollWidth-h.offsetWidth;if(0

Шапка arcteryx arcteryx crest toque темно фиолетовый one цены ...

Шапка Arcteryx Arcteryx Sarah Toque женская фиолетовый шапка arcteryx arcteryx crest toque темно фиолетовый one 1393 руб ...

Sarah Brightman - A Winter Symphony - Amazon.com Music

Sarah Brightman, the world's biggest-selling soprano artists of all time will release her first-ever Christmas album titled A Winter Symphony.

Sarah Brightman brings light and inspiration with her latest album ...

5 нояб. 2018 г. - Sarah Brightman's latest album, 'Hymn' (cover detail shown here), features orchestral arrangements of classical and popular music. Courtesy of ...

Sarah Brightman: Everything feels muddled – singing brings people ...

6 нояб. 2018 г. - Time to say hello to 'popera' pioneer and angel of music Sarah Brightman as she prepares to release her new album Hymn.

Sarah Brightman - VAGALUME

Canção de Adele é uma das mais tocadas em funerais no Reino Unido • Compartilhar; Sarah Brightman será a primeira cantora a ir para o espaço

Sarah Brightman - VAGALUME

Ouça músicas de Sarah Brightman como 'Angel', 'Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partiro)', 'Hijo de La Luna', 'Dust in the Wind (cover)', 'Scarborough Fair', ...

Sarah Brightman concert in Laval on February 9, 2019 | evenko

Sarah Brightman. with Vincent Niclo, Narcis Iustin Ianău. Place Bell – Laval QC. Saturday, February 9, 2019. Doors: 7:00 PM / Show: 8:00 PM. Admission E For ...9 февр. 2019 г.Place Bell, Laval, QCSarah Brightman - New Songs, Playlists & Latest News - BBC Musichttps://www.bbc.co.uk/.../896f0194-8ab2-4278-81e0-c56a0...Сохраненная копияПохожиеПеревести эту страницуThe BBC artist page for Sarah Brightman. Find the best clips, watch programmes, catch up on the news, and read the latest Sarah Brightman interviews.

Arcteryx sarah toque женская зеленый l06084100 - купить...

Шапка Arcteryx Arcteryx Sarah Toque женская светло-коричневый. 1393 RUR. Сравнить цены. Жми! Шапка Arcteryx Arcteryx Fernie Toque синий ONE. 2300 RUR. Сравнить цены. Жми! Шапка Arcteryx Arcteryx ARC Mountain Toque серый ONE. 3000 RUR. Сравнить цены. Жми! Шапка Arcteryx Arcteryx Castlegar Toque синий ONE. 2300 RUR. Сравнить цены. Жми! Шапка Arcteryx Arcteryx Crest Toque темно-фиолетовый ONE. 2300 RUR. Сравнить цены. Жми!

Sarah Brightman - San Jose Theaters

Sarah Brightman's soprano voice has sold millions of records and has been heard in arenas, cathedrals, and Olympic stadiums around the world. She is the ...

Win Tickets to see Sarah Brightman at the Sony Centre - The New ...

ENTER BELOW for a chance to win tickets to see Sarah Brightman live in concert at the Sony Centre on February 10! The world's most successful soprano will ...

HYMN Sarah Brightman in Concert | The Smith Center for the ...

The world's best-selling soprano vocalist, Sarah Brightman is hailed internationally as a musical icon whose breathtaking career includes originating the starring ...

Sarah Brightman | Biography, Albums, Streaming Links | AllMusic

Find Sarah Brightman bio, music, credits, awards, & streaming links on AllMusic - Versatile vocalist with a bright soprano who…

Sarah Brightman - Wikipedia

Sarah Brightman (Berkhamsted, 14 agosto 1960) è un soprano e attrice britannica. Nonostante possieda un'impostazione vocale improntata sul canto lirico (è un ...

CD Review: HYMN (Sarah Brightman) - Stage and Cinema

30 нояб. 2018 г. - TIME TO SAY GOODBYE She stands on the cover of her latest album, Hymn, like a diva who just came down from Sinai with the word of God, ...

Sarah Brightman | Discography & Songs | Discogs

Explore releases and tracks from Sarah Brightman at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Sarah Brightman at the Discogs Marketplace.

Sarah Brightman - Salt Lake County Center for the Arts

Sarah Brightman Hymn in Concert Thursday, March 7th, 2019 at 8:00pm. Abravanel Hall Salt Lake City, Utah. On sale: 9/21/2018 at 10am. ***. Sarah Brightman ...

Sarah Brightman on Amazon Music

Check out Sarah Brightman on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Amazon.

Sarah Brightman Tickets, Tour Dates 2019 & Concerts – Songkick

Buy tickets for an upcoming Sarah Brightman concert near you. List of all Sarah Brightman tickets and tour dates for 2019.22 янв. 2019 г.Auditorio Telmex, Zapopan, Mexico30 янв. 2019 г.Hippodrome Theatre, France-Merrick Performing Arts Center ...1 февр. 2019 г.Foxwoods Resort Casino Grand Theater, Ledyard, CT, USSarah Brightman – Broadway Cast & Staff | IBDBhttps://www.ibdb.com/broadway.../sarah-brightman-33042Сохраненная копияПохожиеПеревести эту страницуSarah Brightman is credited as Performer. ... Sarah Brightman's official website. Broadway Productions; Touring Productions; Awards ...

Entradas Sarah Brightman Movistar Arena - Santiago - PuntoTicket.com

Compra tu entrada para Sarah Brightman, martes 04 de diciembre 2018 21:00 hrs. en Movistar Arena - Santiago.

HYMN: SARAH BRIGHTMAN IN CONCERT - Visitmalta - The official ...

17 нояб. 2018 г. - In celebration of her upcoming new album Hymn, best-selling soprano Sarah Brightman will be featured at the Eden Cinemas on Saturday 17th ...

Arai Living Beyond Good

Living Beyond Good, is the much anticipated second release from Arai. In this memoir, Arai transparently takes the reader on her journey to find purpose and her maturation in faith. The journey was not without struggles, hardships and many stops at disappoint. Her "Beyond Good" theory, as shared in Pursuing Perfection: Dating Beyond Good, is again touched in this work. As the book progresses, it transitions the reader from an outsider looking in, to a participant in faith discovery.

2227 РУБ



Peter Lewis Taralake

The journey of a soul from the death of one physical life as Josh, back to the spirit world as the soul Rhaner where decisions are made about his next incarnation. The tale continues with the same soul but in a new body known as Jordan and the unfolding story of his discovery of a portal into a parallel world of breathtaking beauty and his meeting up with Ellen who is the soul-mate he has shared many lives with before.

2814 РУБ



Billy D. Hunter Prince of Darkness

Sarahs dreams are the stuff of fantasies that few women like her dare to embrace, but they carry prophetic messages with them that reveal their clarity in hindsight. While working as an intern at her fathers firm, she cannot help but be obsessed with Lucius Prince, one of the senior partners and her fathers colleagues. With this obsession comes discovery of a world of eroticism and intrigue that sets Sarah on a journey of self-discovery that envelopes everyone in her life. As she pursues this torrid affair, she will cross countless boundaries and numerous taboos on race, sexual orientation, social status, and alternative relationship dynamics. Her guide on this quest will be the heavy yet loving hand of her beloved mentor and boss, Lucius Prince. As Sarah is taken under his wing and willfully bends to his whim, Luciuss inner demons toy with the chinks in the armor that has long kept his heart inaccessible to women. As Sarahs mind, body, and soul are stretched to limits beyond reason, she learns to become a better person that can live beyond her gilded cage. As she strives to do anything necessary to secure the love of her master, it becomes all the more questionable if the breaking point will secure the tether that binds them or drive them forever apart.

2352 РУБ



Eleigh Strong Beyond This Life

Beyond This Life is a heartbreaking but beautiful story of a young womans journey through domestic violence. It is a story of a woman who was abused by the man she thought she loveda love that left her nearly dead. As the author recounts the abuse she endured, it is easy to recognize her pain and her resilience.This powerful true story will hopefully awaken you to the reality of domestic violence. As it reveals the cycle of violence, as well as the difficulties that lay in getting out, it is also meant to inspire those who may feel like they are alone.

2414 РУБ



Donna Conn An Old Soul

An Old Soul is a story about Anna Thomas-Lockman, who falls into a coma after a car accident. While in a coma she discovers her old soul, Daniel. Daniel was a handsome, Irish-Italian young man. He had a great career, nice apartment, drove a sporty car and had a father who loved him dearly. Unfortunately, Daniel dies suddenly and recognizes that he missed out on some important aspects of living, love and family. His soul gets a second chance to live in an African American girl, Anna Thomas, during the 1960s and beyond. As Anna recalls her life she displays wisdom beyond her years as she seeks her own truth. Anna and her family experience interesting spiritual events, face realistic challenges, and enjoy many victories. Through Anna, Daniel gets to communicate what is needed to his loved ones he avoided in the past.

1539 РУБ



Grenville Kate Sarah Thornhill

This is a new novel from Kate Grenville and a journey back to the Thornhill family of the bestselling The Secret River. Sarah Thornhill, the youngest daughter of William Thornhill of the Hawkesbury River, has always believed she would marry the handsome Jack Langland. Me and Jack, she thinks, how could it go wrong? But theres an ugly secret in Sarahs family. It takes...

743 РУБ



Gerry Davis A Promise To Protect. The Abuse S Handbook

This book empowers the abuse survivor by providing survivor rules that can be utilized as therapeutic tools toward their own journey of healing to overcome fear, shame, learning how to forgive and move on to a healthy way of living. It may also help family and friends of survivors understand the debilitating result on the survivor's relationships. Clinical aspects related to the survivor's child abuse are carefully examined, allowing the reader to initiate the connection to professional mental health treatment and realize the therapeutic value. Readers are armed with current research information, confirming how prevalent child abuse is in families today and how it has quickly turned into a disturbing common social condition. The author and child abuse survivor also ushers the reader through her own personal traumatizing experiences of sexual, physical and emotional abuse; her heroic struggle to escape as a teenager and journey of healing as an adult.

2239 РУБ



Alicia Rice My Poet Soul

My Poet Soul by Alicia Rice is a book of unconventional poetry that takes you on a retrospective journey through the phases of thepoet's life. Take a journey through this poet's mind, body and soul. Be prepared to experience heartfelt, raw, emotionally charged evaluation of a woman's life exposed with all the flaws,insecurities, strengths, and miracles that make each of us unique, yet bind all of us together.

739 РУБ



Dana Gregory My Healing Journey. Silhouette Whispers

This extraordinary collection of poetry reflects on a personal journey of healing. These poems represent an artistic viewpoint about the growth that I had to undertake to uplift the child of my past. My thoughts and sensitivities go way beyond the words and the twists of the unspoken language, touching on various topics such as child abuse, dysfunctional parenting, toxic relationships, addiction, death, anger, and love. My overall hope is that poetry will inspire intense healing or convey a hidden message that will enable you to find that hidden spark to begin your healing journey.

2152 РУБ



Sarah Hemli Remember to Forget. a journey out of denial, repressed memories and defilement - into truth, freedom worth.

Sarah was a planned and wanted child-a girl, just like her parents had wished for. Born into a nuclear family, stay-at-home mom, a dad working and church planting, grandparents, close friends, and good community, Sarah grew up in a healthy, Christian, and well-liked family-seemingly. Well into her adult life as a wife and a mother, Sarah held on to that story. She knew that something horrific had happened to her as a child; she just never really remembered. She had resigned herself to not remembering. She had learned to live with the notions of a deep hidden pain, the occasional horrifying image that would come to mind, and the sense of life being only about survival.In spite of the resignation, she had a faint hope that someday someone would come along and be willing to walk with her in dark places to discover what was hidden and forgotten.This book invites you to journey with Sarah as she walks through the most challenging time of her adult life. She spent half a lifetime trying to forget what happened to her just to be able to survive. Now she embarks on a journey to face what was hidden and acknowledge the pain that was too strong to feel. It brings her close to letting go of life. With her, you will go to places of disbelief, despair, hopelessness, and grief as Sarah reclaims the lost memories of her childhood and gains herself in the process.Sarah's account of her journey is honest and raw, sharing her struggles, emotions, and fears. Many e-mails, letters, and piece...

1834 РУБ




Follow the true story of two women (Susan and Sarah) who battled the scars of Addiction, Childhood Abuse, being bullied and Domestic Violence. Through poetic narrative, (poems, quotes, stories), their journey through pain, addiction, abuse, emotional holocaust, unfathomable suffering, tragedy, depression, sorrow, suicide attempts, violence and the brink of death will leave you in a mess . . . until their words of empowerment turn it into a beautiful healing. The Poetry and Stories in this book are brought to life with Art and illustrations from Artist Leanne Tracey Jones who sympathetically and gently traces those tears and fears to moments of self-revelation and survival.

914 РУБ



Ximena Lamadrid And Then the Clouds Were Lifted

And Then the Clouds Were Lifted is a journey that begins in the midst of thoughts and contemplations about life-some dark, some light-and flows through to the heart where love is built, broken, and fractured in many places. The journey ends where the clouds are lifted-the brief or sustained moment in your life where a thought or experience fulfills you and you remember that life is not solely desolate and confusing but is also beautiful and inspiring. Sometimes, the only way to move forward is when the clouds are lifted and your soul is freed once again.

1964 РУБ



Marvin Rosen Soul Flight

A Clinical Psychologist goes beyond his scientific training to explore paranormal phenomena. He travels back in time and encounters long-gone philosophers to explore the existence of soul and the possibility of life after death. His own mental health is challenged.

1864 РУБ



Elizabeth Lucas Battle to Conquer

Fleeing an abusive home, Sarah naively falls into a trap by meeting Fiona Bonny. After more years of abuse, Sarah plans and executes running again. Travelling to France, she meets Pierre, who takes Sarah to his sister's home. Sarah realises it was time to leave Bolbec disappearing to Paris.

3077 РУБ



St. John of the Cross Ascent Mount Carmel

A hauntingly powerful piece about the soul's journey to the place of God, known in this work as Mount Carmel. Although this book refers to the Dark Night that the soul must pass through, it also refers to many situations and realities that the soul must pass through in its conflict with this world and union with God.

2589 РУБ



Sarah Tate Web of Lies. My Life with a Narcissist

Web of Lies takes you on an emotional roller-coaster, experienced through the eyes of Sarah Tate, an intelligent, young newcomer to Switzerland who is swept off her feet by an older, more experienced company manager. Within weeks of their meeting, Bill impresses her with a courtship vastly unusual in modern times. He lures Sarah with his intellect along with numerous gifts, expensive restaurants, and trips to luxury hotels. Sarah, who is searching for not only love but security, quickly finds herself falling for the worldly but sensitive and caring man Bill represents himself to be. In Web of Lies, she describes the highs and the lows of what it is like to be involved with a person with Narcissistic Personality Disorder, how to come to terms with the abuse, and most importantly, how to escape.

2314 РУБ



Edwin de Leon A F Consequences

Experience the desperate journey of a young woman, whose forgiving heart traps her between the profound love she has for her husband, and the constant abuse she faces at his hands.

1114 РУБ



The Abbotts Dream - A S Journey

THE DREAMA Soul's JourneyBy The AbbottsThis is a riveting tale of a soul's journey through time and space. The mysterious Dreamer and Watcher oversee the lives of five very different beings - Wa-at, the cave boy; Ansgar, the Viking; Angelina, the 17th Century painter; Freddy, a boy in the harsher areas of London and Bix, a new colonist on Mars!Follow their exciting lives and loves throughout history and then when the Dreamer awakes, find out more about your own journey of reincarnation.A not-to-be-missed psychic tale in 14pt for easy reading and illustrated.

1102 РУБ



Shukria Dellawar The Conversation

This book is about an individual soul's quest for self-realization. It's a mystical conversation between the lover and the beloved, the soul and the source. The heartfelt poems will take you through a deep metaphysical journey filled with love, beauty, trials, hope, and triumph. This is the ultimate call of love-may we all rise to answer.

1902 РУБ




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